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Specialist in rail cargo between Europe and Asia

Rail Bridge Cargo is specialized in rail cargo between Asia, the Netherlands and Europe. We are the only player with access to more than 29 rail routes, which enables us to speed up your shipment and organize the logistics process efficiently. Smart solutions from our rail experts, an eye for your specific wishes and a proven track record, makes us your partner for rail cargo.

Benefits with railcargo

  • Two times faster than Seafreight
  • On average 65% cheaper than Airfreight
  • 27x times lower CO2-emission than Airfreight (p/tonne km)
  • Stable delivery times and mutiple departures each week
  • Fast transittimes

Railcargo supports saving our planet

Transport with Railcargo is much cleaner than transport with airfreight, because the CO2 emissions per tonne / km are 27 times less. By transporting your shipments by Railcargo, you directly contribute to our global C02 targets. You can achieve a Railbridgecargo Global Green* certificate if you convert your Airfreight shipments to Railcargo.

The new silk route 

 Do you still deliver to your customers at sky-high logistics costs, do you have long delivery times or is sustainability not on your agenda? Then there is a good chance that your competitive position will come under pressure. Due to significant investment over the past 10 years in new routes on the Silk Road, Rail is the transport method of today. Twice as fast than Seafreight and on average 65% cheaper than Airfreight. Curious how it works? Check this short movie about the New Silk Route.

Een goederentrein van Rail Bridge Cargo rijdt door het landschap.

Stable transit times

Stable transit times play an important role in the transport of goods, especially when those goods come from other continents. However, this should not be at the expense of fixed price agreements. At Rail Bridge Cargo we combine the best of both worlds. Rail transport by train reaches its destination within 16 days on average. Thanks to our monthly route performance evaluation, we know exactly which delivery time is realistic for your shipment.

Asia to Europe Europe to Asia
Express 11 days in development
Economy 17-21 days 19-22 days

Check our route performance overview or request a test shipment.