About Rail Bridge Cargo

Rail Bridge Cargo is an independent logtistic service provider, specialized in rail cargo between Asia, The Netherlands and Europe. Our team of rail experts puts effort on a daily basis to help companies get the most out of transportation of goods by train. This results into an efficient supply chain.

Our mission..

..is a creating a healthier environment by using rail cargo as a way to transport goods and make this way of transporting irreplaceble for companies. 

Our vision..

..is becoming the best independent service provider regarding rail cargo which forsees every business with the most safe, stable and economical way of transporting goods by train. 

Service for our customers

Easy doing business

Easy doing business

One permanent logistics coordinator who understands your situation, asks questions and listens!

Always a route

Always a route

We have the largest rail provider network in the Netherlands and therefore access to more than 29 routes!

Passion for rail

Passion for rail

Professional knowledge as standard for all our employees!

Data route perfomance

Data route perfomance

"We know best" through our monthly route performance, we avoid surprises and we are transparent and customer focused! 

Customer dashboard

Customer portal

Your own customer environment in which you can safely access information about your shipment anywhere, anytime!

Customs affairs

Complete customs advice and support for smooth customs clearance!



This position enables us to offer the largest rail route offer in Asia & Europe!

Supply chain optimization

We can analyze and improve your entire supply chain, so that your logistics process contributes to a strong competitive position.

Customization is our standard 

Your situation, goals and challenges is our focus, which defines our method. We analyze, search for the best solutions and know exactly which routes suits your situation best. We assure an peace of mind for your logistic processes and guarantee clear communication during the jouney of your shipment.

Continuity, knowledge and providing the best service to you are our main goals. Every customer of ours has their own dedicated rail expert and logistics coordinator. For questions outside of office hours we also have a customized customer portal ready for you.


Our way of collaborating

  1. Review: we don't limit ourselves by only checking sending and delivery addresses. We also take in account financial subjects, transport conditions, sales cycles and your needs to give you the right solution.  
  2. Present: we match your situation with our route  performance evaluation and give you an honest and realistic solution which fits you the best. 
  3. Testing: depending on the situation, we can initiate one or more test shipments before implenting the rail solution into your supply chain.  
  4. Implementing: after the testing fase, we will implement the best rail solution within your organization. We will set up an agreement of collaboration to clarify expectations. This makes the logistic services easier and brings the collaboration to a higher level. 
  5. Evaluating: After implementing the rail solution, we will evaluate them constantly. We will keep looking for improvements regarding customer satisfaction and financial benefits. Every customer has its own rail expert, logistics coordinator and online portal with all relevant information safely collected.