Route update: Istanbul to (Western) Europe


Importing car (parts) and other high value products into Europe? Easy, quick and (cost) efficient. I can hear you think: what is the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. We have a new route from Istanbul to Sopron (Hungary) and Neuss (Germany). Within 5 days your goods are in Sopron and it will only take two more days to get the goods into Germany. With four departures per week you will have the goods within 1,5 week from Istanbul to the right destination. 

Ofcourse, we’re not asking you to pick the containers up yourself from Sopron or Neuss and carry them to the right place. Based on your logistic challenge we’ll make sure shipment will be in the right place, at the right time. 

The details

  • Industry: High value goods (automotive, car parts, industrial goods)
  • Route: From Istanbul to Sopron and from Istanbul to Neuss
  • Delivery days: 5 days vs. 7 days 
  • Departs per week: 4

The benefits

  • High value goods quick and efficient transported 
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to air 
  • Lower insurance costs because lower delivery times compared to sea
  • More sustainable because more capacity can be transported at once 
  • Faster sales cycle which improves your liquidity 

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