Suspension of Russia Rail Routes


Rail Bridge Cargo has decided to temporary suspend all east- and westbound Northern rail routes which are going through Russia. Excluding transport of goods related to humanitarian aid, food or medicines. This remains as long as the war aggression and invasion of Russia against Ukraine is taking place.

The world of today asks for ethical decisions, values and actions. Although the sanctions to Russia and Belarus are currently not impacting Rail business through Russia en Belarus, we have decided different and not to support the service as long as the aggression and invasion takes place.

Our biggest motivation is that we don’t want to contribute financial profits to the Russian government as long as this means destroying lives of families, friends and children. As a company we can’t look away and therefore we re-route all our rail routes to our Southern routes between Asia and Europe.

Geopolitics and ethical questions has and always will be a difficult factor in doing business on international scale, but today we have to draw a clear line. Our solution to keep supporting our customers with their logistic needs between Asia and Europe will be a reroute through:

Xian - Kazakhstan - Caspian Sea - Azerbaijan - Georgia - Turkey.

See the details of this solution below:

  • Two departures a week
  • Transit times between 24 -28 days (door to door)
  • Consolidation service
  • FCL & LCL option available
  • GPS 24/7 track & trace
  • Full 40 x 40 ft block train capacity available
  • This route is available from China directly into Istanbul to connect directly to our European network into central Europe (Vienna, Duisburg, Neuss), see insight below. These shipments are not transferred through Russian territory only via Kazakhstan. 

We realize our decision can reduce the actual logistic opportunities but continuing it with all the insecurities and mostly the painful events which are taking place, we decide to stay close to our company values. And since companies are made out of values we don’t sacrifice them.

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