China export with Rail Bridge Cargo 

Chances are high you searched for 'China export' and landed on this page. Exporting your goods from China can be quite a puzzle. After you have found a reliable supplier, you want your goods to arrive safe and sound in Europe. What does a container cost from China, what are the rules for exporting and which insurance policies do you have to take into account? Read more about export from China or request a test shipment. 

Which transportation means is best to export goods from China?

There are several ways in which you can export your products from China. The most common mode of transport is with air freight. Your products will be at their destination within a few days and this method of transport is literally limitless. The disadvantage? Air freight is a significant investment for your wallet. And it is also extremely polluting for the environment.

A cheaper and more environmental friendly alternative is sea freight. Although you do need a lot of patience for this: it often takes longer than a month before your goods arrive in Europe from China. Just before the start of a busy season, exporting your stuff from China by ship or quickly responding to a certain trend is not an option with sea freight. The corona measures that closed several ports and the problems of the Suez Canal in the spring of 2021 have exposed the vulnerabilities of sea freight.

It seems as if you have to choose between two evils: relatively expensive and polluting for the environment or cheaper, more vulnerable and long transit times. But fortunately there is a third way which combines the advantages: exporting goods by train.

Suez canal

The Suez Canal

China export by train

It may not be the first means of transport that you think of, but your goods from China can be exported by train. The New Silk Road, an initiative of the Chinese government, ensures that the continents of Asia, Europe and North Africa are connected by means of different routes by rail. Rail Bridge Cargo works together with various carriers to ensure that your goods are transported on time, safely, sustainably and at a favorable price.

With railcargo you combine the advantages of the traditional transport methods into one successful package. Our rail expert loves a logistical challenge. Are you interested in exporting your goods from China by rail?

The advantages of transporting goods by train
  • The advantages of air freight and sea freight combined
  • Efficient
  • 27 times less CO2 emission compared to air freight
  • Twice as fast compared to sea freight
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What else to consider when exporting from China?

Choosing the right mode of transport and carrier is one thing, but there is much more to take into account. That is why we can take care of the entire process from A to Z. We can help you in the field of customs clearance, analyze the supply chain and provide targeted advice based on this. This saves you time, energy and unnecessary investments.

Service for our customers

Easy doing business

Easy doing business

One permanent logistics coordinator who understands your situation, asks questions and listens!

Always a route

Always a route

We have the largest rail provider network in the Netherlands and therefore access to more than 29 routes!

Passion for rail

Passion for rail

Professional knowledge as standard for all our employees!

Data route perfomance

Data driven products

Due to our continuous route evaluation, we avoid surprises and are transparent and customer focused! 

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We send you regular route update through our 24/7 track and trace.



This position enables us to offer the largest rail route offer in Asia & Europe!

CO2 report

This position enables us to offer the largest rail route offer in Asia & Europe!

Although air freight is often the most efficient way to transport goods, you and the earth pay a high price for it. Fortunately, there are cheaper and environmentally friendlier alternatives to transport your goods.