Intermodal transport

As a trader of forwarder of goods you will get your products from all over the world. From Krakow to Kathmandu. All these cargos have one thing in common: they are transported from A to B, with the goal that it will arrive on the right time, the right place and in the right state. Are you transporting goods between Asia and Europe? Chances are high that intermodal transport is involved. 

What is intermodal transport?

Intermodal transport uses multiple means of transport to get the cargo from A to B. From a ship to a truck and truck to train for example. The products won't get picked one by one, but per container. 

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The different ways of using intermodal transport

There are different ways to ship products to and from Asia. By road, sea, in the air or over the rails. Chances are small that your shipment will only use one type of transportation if you're doing business in this continent from door to door. 
Air is the fastest way to ship goods, but in the mean time it's the most expensive and less sustainable option. The emission of air freight is 27 times higher than the same route by train. That makes the train the most attractive way of transporting cargo: cheaper and more sustainable then air freight, and 2 times quicker than sea freight.  

Rail transport by using intermodal transport

Transporting goods by rail is on average 40-60% cheaper than air freight.  The emission of sea freight is even a bit lower than by train, but it takes twice as long to transport the goods. Also, the insurance values are with sea freight higher than with rail cargo and it has a negative effect on the wellbeing of our oceans.
The most efficient way of transporting cargo is by rail. The past years there have been great investments done to reintroduce the new silk way. By reintroducing this rail route, it only takes 12 to 17 days to get your cargo from port to port between The Netherlands and Asia. Would you like to do business overseas with countries like China, Korea, Vietnam or Japan? First the cargo will be transported by trains and the last mile it will be transported by local trains, trucks or ships.  
With our custom solutions we will research the different options for transporting your products with intermodal transport. We don't depend on a specific dock or station, which gives us the flexibility to advise the fastest and cheapest solution. Rail Bridge Cargo has over 29 routes and collaborates with over 16 rail providers. This is the reason we can gurantee the most efficient solution  for your logistic process. 

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The benefits of rail cargo

  • Two times faster than seafreight
  • On average 65% cheapier than aircargo
  • Stable delivery times
  • Shorter payment transactions
  • A higher customer satisfaction and less surprises

Choose Rail Bridge Cargo to transport your goods safely and on time 

Rail Bridge Cargo is an independent logistic service provider, specialized in rail cargo between Asia, Europe and Intra-Europe. We combine the benefits of transportation by boat, air and train into one package. In this way our clients are able to become stronger competitors within their market. Rail Bridge Cargo would like to help your business with the logistics challenges and also advises regarding supply chain consultancy.
Transporting goods from places where intermodal transportation is needed like Japan, Vietnam or Indonesia? Our rail expert will dive into your challenge and gives you a competitive proposal. Are you triggered?  Meet him

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