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You probably searched for 'train transport China' because you are looking for a logistics service provider that ensures that your goods arrive at their destination safely, quickly and efficiently. You trade goods from China, are a freight forwarder or manage your own webshop where you import goods. Here at Rail Bridge Cargo you are in the right place to arrange train transport from China. Read more about train transport China on this page or request a test shipment. 

Cargo transport from Asia

Cargo transport can be done in different ways. Often the first thing that comes to mind is transport by plane. However, more and more organizations are sharpening their sustainability goals and therefore cargo transport by air is not the most sustainable way. Air freight is fast, but it has a major impact on the quality of life of our planet and your wallet.

Another way of transporting cargo from Asia is by sea freight. The advantage of this is that the carbon emissions are many times lower compared to aviation, but at the same time it is also a lot slower. Due to the pandemic, sea freight has also lost its competitive position: due to the closure of several ports and the shortage of containers, prices have risen enormously and shipping companies are no longer able to meet demand. Which results into delays of your cargo and a higher insured value. It seems as if you have to choose between two evils: fast, but polluting or slow, relatively expensive but a lot better for the environment.

Train transport vs. other means of transport

Probably you searched for 'train transport China' with a reason. This way of transporting goods has many advantages compated to other ways. For example, it is a less polluting compared air freight: to be precise, it emits 27 times less carbon on average. And with the stricter sustainability goals that your organization faces, that is exactly what you need.

Train transport is therefore the perfect solution. On average, less carbon emissions and two times faster than sea freight. More environmentally friendly, delivered from China within two weeks against the most competitive price. 

Een goederentrein van Rail Bridge Cargo rijdt door het landschap.
The advantages train transport
  • The advantages of air freight and sea freight combined
  • Efficient
  • 27 times less CO2 emission compared to air freight
  • Twice as fast compared to sea freight

Cargo transport China with Rail Bridge Cargo

Rail Bridge Cargo is an independent logistics service provider, specialized in train transport between Asia, Europe and Intra-Europe. We combine the advantages of transport by boat, air and train into one package that enables companies to maintain their competitive position and become more effective in the market. Rail Bridge Cargo likes to think along with you and therefore also offers supply chain consultancy and advice.

Transporting goods from places that require intermodal transport, such as Japan, Vietnam or Indonesia? Our rail expert will get to the bottom of it with a tailor-made proposal. Curious? Request a test shipment or contact us.

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