Freight transport

From forwarder to trader: you want your goods to arrive at the right place and at the right time. Freight transport plays a major role in this process. Maybe you are just looking for a carrier or an all-in-one solution so that you can focus on your core business.

Transportation means to import and export from and to Asia 

Air, sea and road freight. You have undoubtedly weighed the pros and cons. But have you ever thought about rail cargo? Rail cargo is twice as fast as sea freight and on average 65% cheaper than air freight. In addition, Railcargo has a much lower CO2 emission than Aircargo. The renewed Silk Road makes freight transport from Asia an attractive option. Faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight. Best of both worlds combined.

Costs to import from Asia 

Do you choose for a FCL or LCL solution?  What is the collection address and delivery address? Do you want a custom solution for intermodal transport or just rail transport? Costs to import from Asia are variable based on various factors. We work together with various partners and agents who ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in good condition to the right destination. Meet our rail expert and challenge him with your logistic issue. Based on your inquiry, we can give you more insight what the most cost effective solution can be.

The benefits of freight transport by rail summarized:

  • Two times faster than seafreight
  • On average 65% cheaper than air cargo
  • 27 times lower carbon emission than airfreight (p/tonne km)
  • Stable delivery times and multiple departures each week
  • Fast transit times

Transit times freight transport between Asia and Europe by rail 

We understand that fast delivery is the key to keeping your thriving business running. Because we work together with different carriers, we can guarantee that we choose the fastest and best option for you. We have this flexibility because of our independent position.

The construction of the New Silk Road, an initiative of the Chinese government to connect the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe by rail, plays a big role in international trading. It's the most environmental friendly option and ensures a major progression in rail cargo. 

From Asia, delivery times (port-to-port) is between 11-14 days before it arrives in Europe. The other way takes an average of 12-16 days, because eastbound routes are less common. Every month we check the transit times of the various carriers, so that we guarantee these transit times. In this way we are competitive compared to carriers. As a client you benefit from faster transit times and lower insurance fees. 

Custom freight transport solutions

In addition to transporting your goods by real from port-to-port, we can also take care of the entire process for you. By using intermodal transport, for example, we ensure that goods from countries such as Thailand or Vietman are first shipped with sea freight to China's mainland before carried by train. We can also ship goods from our central hub in the Netherlands to every city in the Netherlands or even Europe. That makes us a versatile logistics service provider.

Challenge us with your logistic inquiry

Choose Rail Bridge Cargo to ship your products safely 

Rail Bridge Cargo is an independent logistic service provider, specialized in rail cargo between Asia, Europe and Intra-Europe. We combine the benefits of transportation by boat, air and rail into one package. In this way our clients are able to become stronger competitors within their market. Rail Bridge Cargo would like to help your business with your logistics challenges and also gives advise regarding supply chain consultancy.
Our rail expert will dive into your logistic challenge and provide you with a competitive proposal. Got triggered? Meet the expert

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