Logistic services

Whether you are a freight forwarder, logistics manager or you import goods yourself to sell directly to your end customer: you need a logistics service provider to transport your goods from A to B. Maybe you are not only looking for a transportation solution, but searching for an all-in-one solution. 

Issues that may haunt you are the various container solutions or concerns for optimizing your supply chain. Whatever the case is, we can provide all the logistic services you desire. 

Import goods from Asia with the right logistic service provider

There are several ways to transport your goods from Asia to Europe. Air freight is the most popular and common option, but also the most expensive and polluting option. If your organization has sustainability high on the agenda, this is not an appropriate solution. 

Air freight is also relatively expensive compared to other ways of transport. The advantage of air freight is that the cargo is delivered relatively quickly. But is it worth the high costs and immense impact on your carbon footprint?

Looking at less polluting options, you will probably think of sea freight first. Unfortunately transit times in sea freight, certainly in these days, are extremely high. In this 24-hour economy not always the best option. The insurance fees for transportation will have a huge impact on your budget and store items in bulk storage are also hidden costs. This makes sea freight less attractive than expected in the first place.

How to combine the speed of air freight with the lower emission and transportation costs of sea freight? The answer is rail cargo. It has 27 times lower carbon emissions per Tonne / km than air freight and the higher emission with rail compared to sea freight is negligible. Transit times are twice as fast compared to sea freight. This makes Rail Bridge Cargo the most competitive provider when it comes to transportation and logistic services. By using our rail services, you can benefit from fast transit times without comprimising on sustainability goals. 

A logistic service provider for goods from and to Asia

You can transport your goods both ways: to import or to export goods from or to Asia. If you are looking for a logistics service provider for transporting goods to and from Asia, Rail Bridge Cargo is the right partner for you.

The benefits of rail cargo summed up:

  • Two times faster than sea freight
  • On average 65% cheapier than air cargo
  • 27 times lower carbon emission compared to air freight (p/tonne km)
  • Stable delivery times and mutiple departures each week
  • Fast transit times

Delivery times between Asia and Europe by train

We understand that fast delivery is key to keeping your thriving business running. Because we work together with different carriers, we can guarantee that we choose the fastest and best option for you. We have this flexibility because of our independent position. We don't depend on a specific rail carrier or route. 
From Asia, the delivery times (port-to-port) are between 11-14 days. The other way around (from Europe to Asia) takes on average of 12-16 days, because these (eastbound) routes are less common. Every month we check the delivery times of the various carriers, so we can keep making these promises. Therefore we stay competitive compared to other logistics service providers.  

Customized logistic services 

In addition to transporting your goods from port-to-port, we can also take care of the entire logistic service process for you. By using intermodal transport, for example, we ensure that goods from countries such as Japan or Vietman are first shipped with sea freight to China's mainland before carried by train. We can also ship goods from our central hub in the Netherlands to every city in the Netherlands or even Europe. That makes us a flexible and efficient logistics service provider.

Challenge us with your logistic inquiry

Rail Bridge Cargo for all your logistic services

Rail Bridge Cargo is an independent logistic service provider, specialized in rail cargo between Asia, Europe and Intra-Europe. We combine the benefits of transportation by sea, air and rail into one package. In this way our clients are able to become stronger competitors within their market. Rail Bridge Cargo would like to help your business with your logistics challenges and also gives advise regarding supply chain consultancy.

Our rail expert will dive into your logistic challenge and provide you with a competitive proposal. Got triggered? Meet the expert. 

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